"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations"  Matthew 28:19

We Support The Following Ministries

Agape Project International

Projects include Pastoral Development, Medical Ministry and Evangelism in Kenya. Bringing hope and healing to the people of Kenya.

Good News Ministries

Good News Ministries exists to meet the physical and spiritual needs of all hurting people in Ongole, India. These would include about 245 orphans, they also operate 35 child care homes for after school programs,they have ventured out into the untouchable region of Ongole to bring blankets and give shelter. 

India Evangelistic And Relief Fellowship

Projects include church planting, pastor's training programs, bible outreach, jail and prison ministry, orphanages and a nursing program.

SIA Of Ministries " Good Samaritan"

Projects include Ministries to Ukraine, Russia and India, helping widows and orphans, outdoor evangelism, orphanage building, and tent ministries.

France Outreach

France missionary work.


Dr. Elizabeth Trautman, a native of Moses Lake, has, in conjunction with a like-hearted, Zambian national, established Seeking Hearts Foundation, through which we are aiding the handicapped, poverty-stricken, and vulnerables of Lusaka, Zambia.  Seeking Hearts foundation has purchased property and is building a home (The Lighthouse) for handicapped children where Elizabeth will be living and serving beginning June of 2021.  On an adjacent property, as God provides, SHF will build a clinic for the Kasupe-area of Lusaka and a schoolhouse for the children of The Lighthouse.

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